A Pioneer in Cold Isotope Metallomics

We are leading the development of innovative therapies based on proprietary isotope-selective modulation, designed to activate disease-modifying mechanisms that slow-down and potentially reverse neurodegeneration

Metallome connects the "Omes"

The metallome is intricately connected to other "omes" such as the genome, proteome, microbiome, and more, influencing and being influenced by those biological systems through its role in essential metal ion regulation and interactions. 

The metallome encompasses the distribution of metal ions within tissues and celles, and is critical for a myriad of biological processes, including the synthesis of amino acids and proteins, maintaining charge balance and electrolyte function, ensuring DNA integrity and facilitating its repair, as well as playing a key role in structure, signaling, and stem cell functionality. Our drug candidates are designed to stimulate the fundamental biological activities of the metallome to re-establish a state of healthy homeostasis. 

ISM Platform:  Innovating with proprietary disease-modifying drugs designed to activate neurogenesis